In health care institutions there are numerous systems present to ensure patients and staff are as safe and comfortable as possible. A Building Management System (BMS) can provide an important contribution towards optimal operation and management of these systems. The systems that can be found here are: climate control systems, roam alert, staff locating system, DECT, nurse call systems, parking, multimedia around the bed, supervision of additional protected areas such as MER/SER and the pharmacy, fire protection, medical gases, barriers, doors, CCTV, intercoms, etc.

How do the technical and security services maintain an overview

During refurbishments the detectors are often switched off in different departments. A BMS provides a clear overview of all of the systems and if a detector has been switched off somewhere, this is clearly shown in the BMS. By using procedure screens it is made easy for security to deal with and check the huge diversity of messages. No shut-down or alarm message will go unnoticed.

Lower operating costs

Refurbishments take place regularly. For each refurbishment the presentation of the different systems must be changed. When using a BMS this can be done centrally in one system. Autocad drawings can be exported by the housing department and loaded into the BMS. This will reduce the operational costs in this field.

Everything is integrated yet with dedicated screens for each discipline

For example, if an employee from the technical department logs on to the system based on authorisation, they are given only access rights to the systems that are important for their department. The same applies to a member of the security staff. Systems that are important for both, such as releasing the lighting, can of course be operated by either one.

Making modifications

If required we can train your technical staff to make their own modifications in the graphic display. This will further reduce the operating costs and put you in full control of any changes.


Some Health Care references:

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