Beveco is a Mymesh certified dealer where you can go for wireless solutions. Mymesh makes cabled infrastructure superfluous and at the same time guarantees maximum system flexibility.

Mymesh easily connects any light, anywhere
The Mymesh network consists of LED drivers, LED controllers and special software to make each light Smart. Once all lights are connected to the Mymesh network, wireless sensors and switches are added to realize automatic and manual control. In this way, entire buildings are made intelligent and adaptive.

Mymesh Management System
The Mymesh Management System is an online application for the remote management, monitoring and control of your Mymesh network. In addition, multiple brand-independent Building Management Systems can be integrated into one platform with a wide range of building applications.

The Mymesh Management System is based on our open integration platform IX.Web. The management system can be compiled entirely according to your wishes and requirements. In addition to wireless applications for (emergency) lighting and sun blinds, think of integration of systems for fire, burglary, access, camera and climate installations.

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