More than just a security system

Eagle Eye Networks is the global leader in video surveillance, transforming the way businesses of all shapes and sizes address their security needs. With the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, access to recording history and real-time video is easy and no additional software is required.

By storing video in the Cloud, companies can reduce the necessary hardware and the associated costs to a minimum. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS provides businesses with a tool that is more than a video security system, with wide camera compatibility, an extensive range of analytical tools and an open API platform.

Modernize your video security

Traditional video security systems require hardware, complicated installations and constant maintenance and management of the software.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS transforms video surveillance with an infinitely scalable and comprehensive solution that streamlines user management through to flexible cloud and onsite storage solutions.

Why companies choose Eagle Eye Networks

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is an easily scalable solution designed to accommodate an unlimited number of locations and users.

Eagle Eye Networks operates around the world, with customers in more than 80 countries and 11 data centers worldwide.

Powerful solutions for every sector

Eagle Eye Networks provides tailor-made solutions for every budget and every business size.

Flexibility to use new or existing software

One of the biggest benefits of Cloud video surveillance is the lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Cloud technology provides businesses with significant economies of scale with low initial costs, no cost to add additional sites and lower maintenance costs by automatically delivering software updates and eliminating existing software to be replaced.

With Eagle Eye Networks you can choose from over 3,000 IP, Analog and HD over Coax cameras. Pay only for what you need and update your hardware when you're ready.

As a certified Partner of Eagle Eye Networks, we provide Cloud solutions for video surveillance.

We have developed an intelligent link between Eagle Eye and IX-Web. Within IX-Web, images and events can be displayed from the Eagle Eye platform and interaction with other systems is created, as you are already used to from IX-Web. IX-Web often uses a third-party Video Management System (VMS) for the storage of images. Cloud storage via Eagle Eye has now been added to this. Live and recorded images are thus available on IX-Web and IX-Mobile.

For more information: Eagle Eye Networks

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