There are solutions for a single room up to a complete DALI lighting system integrated with a Building Management System (BMS).

Ex-or by Honeywell is, just like Trend, an independent Honeywell business unit. The DALI64SYLKPSU solution makes it possible to seamlessly integrate a DALI lighting system with a Trend control system / Building management system. Via the SYLK bus, the PIRs can be connected to Trend's IQeco controllers (room controllers). With the DALI64MODPSU solution, the PIRs can also be integrated with any other manufacturer of measuring and control system based on Modbus /RTU.

DALI64 offers 64 light addresses and 64 device addresses and is configured according to the DALI2 open protocol. When used as a stand-alone system, luminaires are connected via a standard 5-core cable or a 2-core DALI network cable, and up to 16 scenes and eight presence zones can be created to meet the user's needs. Simple commissioning of the lighting is carried out using the intuitive Light Touch app on any smart device. Scenes and groups can be controlled in a variety of ways, including an energy-efficient Bluetooth switch meaning no wires and no batteries.

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