Beveco is a certified EcoXpert partner of Schneider Electric for a range of solutions;

- EcoXpert - Building Management Systems;
- EcoXpert - Critical Power;
- EcoXpert - Datacenter specialization.

Beveco is also a certified Alliance partner of Schneider Electric for industrial automation solutions (Edge Control).

For Apps, Analytics and Services (SCADA) we offer AVEVA solutions (Schneider owns 2/3 of AVEVA). The distributor for this is Wonderware Benelux. Read more about this on our Wonderware Benelux partner page.

Experience Life is On

As a specialist in digital energy management and automation solutions, efficiency and sustainability are central to us. For homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries, we offer leading technologies, software and lifecycle services. With our open platform and integrated solutions, we help customers maximize availability, speed up processes and achieve energy savings.

Energy demand is expected to double by 2040. At Schneider Electric we believe that everyone in the world has the right to access safe and sustainable energy. That is why we are committed to energy efficiency and sustainability. We strive for an innovative society and are committed, passionate and determined to realize our ambitions.

We call that "Life is On".

The EcoStruxure Platform

The platform is the technological foundation of our EcoStruxure architecture. This is structured in three levels: connected products, edge control, and apps, analytics & services.

One EcoStruxure architecture for four end markets with six specializations.

Connected Products

Internet of Things starts with the best "things". Our first-class IoT-enabled products include switches, drives, UPSs, relays and sensors. This smart equipment makes it possible to make better decisions.

Edge Control

You want to deal with unexpected malfunctions that halt your business process immediately. Control over the devices at the "edge" of the IoT network is therefore a must. This essential part of the architecture provides real-time solutions, ensuring security and uptime.

Applications, Analytics and Services

Interoperability is necessary to support the different hardware and systems. In buildings, data centers, industry and infrastructure. EcoStruxure enables a range of new applications in various computer systems, analytics and services for seamless integration within your company.

IoT solutions that make business processes more efficient and reduce energy consumption.

With its architecture and interoperable technology platform, EcoStruxure ™ brings together energy, automation and software. It provides added value in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and connectivity.

EcoStruxure opens up a new digital world to users in the major end markets and enables them to compete in today's IoT economy.

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