The Jaarbeurs, known as the 2015 Jaarbeurs Utrecht, is a complex for large-scale events in Utrecht. Many different fairs, events, congresses and meetings are held. Every year, the Jaarbeurs receives approximately 2.1 million visitors on a site with an area of ​​100,000 square meters.

Web-based Fire Management System (FMS)

In 2004 we implemented a FMS for Jaarbeurs. During the development of the FMS we have focused on a solution that is as uniform as possible for the integration of fire alarm systems. At a glance, an overview of the current situation is available, combined with the complete history of notifications. Jaarbeurs has a clear overview and insight into the status and history of the fire alarm system via the FMS.

In 2017 we have implemented an upgrade for the Jaarbeurs of the web version of IntegratieXpert™. IX.Web™ is a full-responsive HTML5 application. With this, Jaarbeurs can operate and manage the FMS both locally and remotely via a web browser. This involves considerable savings, including in the domain of ​​maintenance. It is now possible, for example on a tablet with a web browser, to immediately see the status of fire alarms, so that the periodic tests can be carried out much faster, among other things.

The FMS is fully scalable, both in terms of size and functionality. The wishes of the Jaarbeurs users were supplemented with our experiences with the realization of FMS systems. During the implementation there were several consultation moments with the users, in which the user interface was tuned in detail. As a result, the ultimately applied user interface is optimally tailored to the intended use purpose within Jaarbeurs.

The FMS visualises the fire alarm system for Jaarbeurs, where status, messages and information are displayed both graphically and in list form. The FMS ensures that Jaarbeurs employees can handle reports and failures effectively and easily. The design supports them in detecting, identifying and dealing with an incident as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The applied user interface is based on geographical overviews, both floor plans and building views. In addition, the FMS contains notification lists, current and historical logs. In case of an event or status change, the relevant item is presented with a status icon in an accent color. Each type of event or deviating status of an installation part has its own accent color. These properties together make it clear what the nature of an event or status is and where it takes place at a glance.

Photos courtesy of Jaarbeurs. Copyright Jaarbeurs.

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