As a system integrator, Beveco provides the complete range of services required for an integrated building management system.

An intelligent system that guarantees optimal performance and ultimate comfort, for the lowest possible cost. Integration of these systems will result in significant efficiency gains. It is more efficient and easier to manage all your systems. This is pre-eminently Beveco’s filed of expertise.

Overview of our different services

Total projects

Some customers like to have all their work managed by the same company. Although as a systems integrator Beveco does not necessarily want to do other people’s work, our company can act as the main contractor for your project with regard to supplying and installing of different systems and the entire cabling. In this case Beveco also takes care of project management and supervising the various subcontractors.

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Beveco handles the design and implementation of control systems for buildings and industrial installations for both end users and installers. The control system is brought to a succesful results with our expertise. We set up the control technical description and diagrams, which serve as the basis for the engineering of the software.

Functional integration

The various systems within a building often work with different communication protocols: heating and ventilation with BACnet, cooling with Modbus, room thermostat control with LonWorks, lighting with KNX or DALI, energy meters with M-bus, just to mention a few of the most popular ones.

We are able to integrate the different protocols using one single programming tool. This creates collaboration between the connected systems.

Software development

With extensive experience in developing and expanding our integration software, we are able to create links to all kinds of technical systems. Thanks to our R&D team we are able to integrate, innovate and improve, so that our software continues to lead in comparison with other open integration platforms.

Completed projects

PostNL - Integration Central Control Room Solution

Numorous technical systems are available at the more than 30 different sorting centers of PostNL's letter and parcel departments. PostNL has expressed the wish to Beveco to be able to monitor, manage and operate these systems remotely. T...

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Almost invisible supply route Leidsche Rijn Center

More than ten years ago, the municipality of Utrecht was looking for a way to connect the Leidsche Rijn district, which was then new, to the center of Utrecht. Because living, shopping and working in the city center are closely connected...

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Equinix and Beveco optimize Data Center Management Systems

Equinix is the largest IBS data center & colocation provider in the world. With more than 175 data center locations in 44 markets across 5 continents, Equinix offers its customers a unique opportunity for worldwide connectivity in a ...

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