All smart solutions integrated in one platform.

Our open platform makes it possible for municipalities and cities to create an ecosystem of interconnected buildings, technology, applications and monitoring systems. In order not to get bogged down in all sorts of separate apps, web portals and applications, the solution is a brand independent, horizontal and open platform.

The advantages of an Smart City Management System (SCMS)

Horizontal platform

The most discussed and appreciated advantage of the Smart City Management System (SCMS) is the horizontal approach. The SCMS breaks the vertical silos and creates a uniform and clear operating, management and monitoring system.

intelligent and efficient

Beveco can assist municipalities in working with greater efficiency, awareness and intelligence while maintaining their current (or improved) infrastructure. We can also easily make links with existing techniques in building, like for example, climate systems, water pumps, lighting, camera systems, etc.

Transform your infrastructure

Although many cities see the value of bringing their systems together in a "smart city model", they are faced with challenges that prevent them from moving forward. One of the most frequently mentioned obstacles is that the current infrastructure is expensive to replace. With the Smart City Management System (SCMS) it is possible to expand this step by step and thus to work towards a new infrastructure.

The platform for your municipality or city.

A control and management platform for all sensors and systems within your municipality or city. As the number and the possibilities of sensors and systems increase, it becomes more difficult to keep an overview. A Smart City Management System (SCMS) provides a clear graphical user interface that requires no specific knowledge of the underlying systems for daily use.

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